Our baby slipper instructions come in three different sizes for new borns, 0-6 month olds & 6-12 month olds. They can be made by hand or with a sewing machine and are perfect for a beginner or for anyone just wanting to make a cute pair of baby slippers. All of our instructions are illustrated to make them as easy as possible to follow.


They can be made by hand or by machine and are perfect for a beginner or for anyone just wanting to make a sweet pair of baby slippers


We try to make our instructions as clear as possible to everyone so each step includes written instructions followed by an illustration.


What is included:
1 x 3 Page A4 PDF instructions & 3 Page Patterns
1 x 3 Page US letter PDF instructions & 3 Page Patterns


What you will need to make your baby slippers:

  • 40cm x 40cm of fabric (we recommend an organic cotton fabric approx. 130gsm, anything too thick or thin will be harder to sew)
  • 15cm x 15cm wadding/batting (we recommend an organic cotton 1000gsm wadding/batting)
  • 2 x 0.5cm diameter poppers (we recommend metal poppers)
  • 1 x needle and matching thread for your chosen fabric


***If you would like any sewing supplies please come over to our all organic sewing shop by clikcing on 'Sewing Shop' at the top of the page***


Printing & Downloading your printable:

  • Once you have purchased your printable instructions you will receive an email to be able to download 2 PDF's in the zip file. One version is on A4 paper and the other is on US letter paper
  • Please choose download the size that suits your printer and print out your pattern at 100% scale.



    Please note colours may vary when printing out your printable depending on your printer

    Baby Slipper PDF Sewing Pattern & Instructions


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