Our apron pattern and instructions can be made by hand or with a sewing machine and are perfect for a beginner or for anyone just wanting to make an apron. 


The apron comes in 3 sizes, a small, medium and large to fit an adult. It can be scaled down to fit a child too. All of our instructions are illustrated to make them as easy as possible to follow.


What is included:
1 x 3 Page A4 PDF instructions & 12 Page Pattern
1 x 3 Page US letter PDF instructions & 12 Page Pattern



Printing & Downloading your printable:

  • Once you have purchased your printable instructions you will receive an email to be able to download both files.
  • Please choose download the size that suits your printer and print out your pattern at 100% scale.


What you will need to make your apron:

  • - For the small size: 80 cm x 80 cm square of fabric (we recommend an organic cotton fabric approx. 150gsm, anything too thick or thin will be harder to sew)
    - For the medium size: 93cm h x 85cm w
    - For the large size: 100cm h x 90cm w

  • 2 meters of 15mm wide cotton webbing 

  • 1 x needle or a sewing machine and matching thread for your chosen fabric


***If you would like any sewing supplies please come over to our all organic sewing shop by clikcing on 'Sewing Shop' at the top of the page***
Please note colours may vary when printing out your printable depending on your printer

Apron Printable Sewing Pattern & Instructions