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How to design and make your own clothes - Sewing- Part 4/4

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It's time for your design to come alive

This is both the most exciting and most scary time in any project. You're excited to see your creation come alive but terrified to cut out your limited edition fabric that you spent hours hunting for. You've also spent your hard-earned cash and you've dyed it the exact colour you were dreaming of using your avocado pits and skins.

You don't need to be scared. This is the best bit and bit I love!

The preparation

Preparation is key - I know I don't like to hear that and you probably don't either but it's true. Your preparation can be the difference between a favourite piece in your wardrobe or a never-to-be worn piece.

Pre-wash your fabrics & trimmings

I've seen it before when people pre-wash their fabric but not their trimming and then when they come to wash the garment, the trimming shrinks in the wash and the fabric doesn't. Don't be that person. Always remember to wash your fabric and trimming to avoid shrinkage.

Buy quality not quantity!

We're making a slow fashion wardrobe remember not a fast fashion 100 piece collection! Invest now and your clothes will stand the test of time.

If you're making up a shop-bought sewing pattern or using your own, I always like to work out how much fabric I'm going to need. The amount you're told on a shop-bought pattern is generally so wasteful and often the fabric is never the exact width you're using.

So, I recommend creating a fake piece of fabric with a bedsheet and laying your patterns on it, to work out the amount you really need. Allow yourself a little bit extra but not meters and meters. Make sure there is just enough extra in case you make a mistake. You can always make a little accessory piece with the leftovers.

Think twice and cut once

Is that the right saying? I'm terrible with sayings I always get them wrong. Anyway, the point is to just think before you cut and don't do it when you're tired or in a rush that's when mistakes happen.

Some do's and don'ts when your sewing your final garment

Here are some of my dos and don'ts when it comes to making your final garment


✔️ Cut off your threads as you go along

✔️ Iron as you go along - I really recommend ironing in hems before sewing them too, they're a lot easier

to sew once they're already pressed in

✔️ Ask for help, or tips, if there's something you're stuck on - send me a message on Instagram and I'll get back to you


✖️ See it as school homework, it's a process that should be enjoyed as much as you enjoy wearing it

✖️ Rush it - take your time, enjoy the process you're not in a race

✖️ Cut corners just because you've got to wait for more thread or trimming to arrive

We all make mistakes

What happens if you really do cut the wrong bit and you have no fabric left? Well, I'll me let you in on a little secret... this is the best news ever because in actual fact I'm sure you'll make something that you're even happier with but it'll be a happy accident.

Take the peacock jacket below. When I was making the jacket I ran out of the 'right' white silk lining for it (because I always live life on the edge when it comes to getting the right amount of fabric - I don't like to waste it).

So off I went to my stash (I know you have one too) and found this amazing electric blue lining for the rest of the jacket.

The blue matches the peacock on the front perfectly and creates an extra pop of interest. A very happy accident that wouldn't have happened if something hadn't gone wrong.

So when things get tough and you make a mistake, remember a mistake is a happy accident of something better coming along.

We hope you've enjoyed our blog series all about designing and creating your own clothes and hopefully, you've learnt some creative tips and tricks to help you create your dream clothes.

It's time to show off those creations! Tag us on Instagram

Happy sewing, Sarah x

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