Learn how to create your own sewing patterns for tops and shirts with our Online Tops and Shirts Pattern Cutting Course using woven fabrics.


We’ll guide you through different methods of pattern cutting so you can then adapt them to create your dream wardrobe.


What level is the course?

Beginners to pattern cutting who have some experience of sewing patterns. It’s also a great course if you’re a fashion student and you would like some extra help knowing how to pattern cut.


What will you learn?

  • The fundamentals of pattern cutting
  • How to manipulate darts
  • How to add button stands and zips
  • How to alter necklines and armholes
  • How to design different collars
  • How to alter sleeves and create raglan sleeves
  • How to create cuffs and sleeve plackets
  • How to finish your patterns ready for sewing



What is included?

  • 66 page eBook with fully illustrated step by step instructions
  • 24 video tutorials so you can follow along with each method
  • Size 6 - 16 (UK) pattern cutting blocks in a printable format so you can print them and make them up at home (these will be your stencils to start pretty much all of your designs)
  • Quarter size miniature practice pattern cutting blocks in all sizes
  • Pattern cutting annotation checklist
  • On hand help if you get stuck or have any questions
  • Lifetime access


What you will need to do this course? (watch our video on pattern cutting tools here with links below)

  • Pattern cutting ruler or large set square with 0.5cm increment lines
  • Pattern cutting paper - if you don’t have pattern cutting paper A2 80gsm or bigger is best or a roll of recycled brown paper 70/80cm wide
  • 2x sheets of A2 200gsm card to create your pattern cutting blocks
  • Tape measure (not a metal one)
  • Paper scissors
  • Rubber
  • Propelling pencil either with 0.3/0.5mm leads
  • Sticky tape - you’ll want to be able to write on it so it’s best to use either narrow brown paper tape (1cm) wide if possible) or scotch tape


Please note that this course is in metric measurements (centimetres and millimetres) not in inches. However, the same principles can be applied for inches. Please also note that this course is for woven fabrics (cotton, silk, denim etc. ) not for stretch fabrics (jerseys, stretch denim etc.).


If you have any questions about this course or anything else, please email us at hello@thesewingretreat.co.uk and we'll be more than happy to help.


Our courses refund policy:

If you're not happy with the course we'll refund you the full amount within 14 days of purchase.


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Online Tops and Shirt Pattern Cutting Course

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    • All the instructions on how to use the course are in the eBook included in your downloads

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