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Sustainable Gift Wrapping - 3 ways to wrap sustainably

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Turn on your favourite Christmas playlist, grab the mulled wine and let's get wrapping!

We've put together 3 different wrapping methods for you to try and see which one you like the best!


Method 1 - Gift Wrapping - The Conventional Method

All you need is some recycled brown paper which can be found in your local post office, and many other stores, and some little extras for decor. Brown paper can be reused or recycled and twine/ribbon can be reused too. We've used brown paper and our organic trimmings which is an amazing finishing touch and an extra little gift for your loved ones to reuse in their sewing projects!

Other things you might like to use include twine or ribbon from your stash, pine cones and eucalyptus clippings or twigs and dried orange slices. If you missed our video on how to successfully dry orange and lemon slices you can find it here.

Why not see what you can find to add the perfect natural touch to your wrapping? We'd love to see what you come up with.

TIP: You can naturally dye your organic trimmings to create a beautiful grey colour with our Autumn/Winter natural dye recipe.


Method 2 -Gift Wrapping - Furoshiki Gift Wrap Method

This is a great wrapping idea for your friend or loved one who loves to sew! Buy an extra piece of fabric that you think they will like or head to your scrap fabric stash. You can then either knot the fabric to tie it up (also known as the furoshiki method from Japan) or use some ribbon/garden twine. This is the perfect way to give someone a few extra presents and the wrapping 'paper' now has a new lease of life.

We recommend using a fat quarter of fabric (approx. 50cm x 60cm) which should be enough for a small package or stocking filler.


Method 3 -Gift Wrapping - The Finding Method:

You can use magazine/newspaper pages, an old map or even sewing patterns for this method (just be careful the print doesn't rub off). I sometimes keep maps or leaflets that I find when I travel as they look so fun and tell a story as well as giving something a second life. To add the finishing touch, use some ribbon/garden twine or even some ripped up 3cm/4cm wide strips of unwanted fabric to create a nice bow.

TIP: For an extra personal touch, you could draw or paint on the newspaper/magazine/map pages you're using or even write a message on it. You could also do this on your homemade ribbon.


That's a wrap!

We hope you enjoy experimenting with our different methods and can't wait to see which one you like best. Tag us on Instagram or comment below

If you need to post your gifts, head over to our ethical packaging guide to see exactly what you'll need. Click here to start reading

Happy wrapping,



P.S. For more ethical inspiration and tips, along with lots of sewing and pattern cutting tips and tricks, follow me on Instagram



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