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Book review - The Fashionary Womens A5 Sketchbook for quick and easy fashion design

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The perfect sketchbook for drawing quick designs and practising fashion illustration.

Who would find the Fashionary sketchbooks helpful?

The word Fashionary comes from the combination of 'fashion', 'dictionary' and 'diary' and this pretty much sums up what is in the Fashionary.

The dictionary and diary parts of the sketchbook make up a short section at the front providing information and outlines of processes used in the fashion and dressmaking industries  The main sketchbook section acts as a quick tool for designing as each page has three faintly dotted outlines of a figure to make designing a lot quicker and easier. The inclusion of all of these sections makes it the ideal sketchbook for a fashion student, fashion designer, dressmaker or illustrator. I also think this sketchbook would make the perfect gift for someone who is looking to get into fashion or just enjoys drawing clothing ideas no matter their age. 

Why are they so good?

Below you can watch a short video that I have created to give you a better idea of what's in the Fashionary as well as how you can use it. I use it to record ideas that I'd like to remember, such as a design in a magazine, something someone is wearing or just an idea I've got in my head. I then try and adapt these to create new unique designs that I can turn into patterns. I'll start creating some videos to show you how you can translate your designs into patterns, this is one of my favourite processes.

I find Fashionary's Instagram is really inspirational for fashion illustration as they feature people who use their sketchbooks. If you'd also like to see more on their other publications their youtube channel is really good as they give you an insight into each publication.

Where can I buy a Fashionary?

Since producing their first Fashionary for Women's Wear they have produced a variety of other helpful sketchbooks including the Shoe version & Menswear version. They have also produced the Pose Cards for fashion illustration helping you to create quick fashion illustrations which different poses (I wish these were around when I was at Uni) and a Fashion Business Manual, an illustrated guide to building a fashion brand. 

If you click on the images on each book then they'll take you over to Amazon where you can see some more information on these books.

I'd love to see what you're designing, tag your designs on Instagram using @thesewingretreat so I can see.

Happy designing,

Sarah x


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