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The Sewing Retreat_Ethical Gift Wrapping

An Ethical Sewing Present Guide

The perfect eco-friendly gift guide for someone who loves to sew or who would like to learn to sew.

(Please note that we have not been paid to write this guide, we just wanted to provide you with something that may help you. We make a small commission with some affiliate links you may use on this page )

Don't forget that your presents don't have to be brand new, you could hunt in a charity shop or antique shop for an amazing pair of vintage fabric scissors or a tape measure. Or you could find the perfect piece of vintage fabric on eBay. I hope this helps you to find the perfect gift/s. Now for some ethical wrapping...

Ethical Gift Wrapping Ideas

Now you've chosen the perfect present then it needs wrapping. So, we've put together some great ethical wrapping ideas for you (don't forget your Christmas songs and glass of mulled wine whilst wrapping)

The Sewing Retreat_Ethical Gift Wrapping

The extra gift method:

Buy an extra piece of fabric that you think they will like, or use some fabric that you're not using. You can then either knot the fabric to tie it up (also known as the furoshiki method from Japan) or use some ribbon/garden twine. This is the perfect way to give someone a few extra presents and the wrapping 'paper' has a new lease of life.

A fat quarter of fabric (approx. 50cm x 60cm) should be enough for a novel or something of similar size

The finding method:

You can use magazine/newspaper pages, an old map or even sewing patterns for this method (just be careful the print doesn't rub off). I sometimes keep maps or leaflets I find when I travel as they look so fun and tell a story as well as giving something a second life. To add a finishing touch use some ribbon/garden twine or even some ripped up 3cm/4cm wide strips of unwanted fabric to create a nice bow.

For an extra personal touch, you could draw or paint onto the newspaper/magazine or map you're using or even write a message on it. You could also do this on your homemade ribbon.

The Sewing Retreat_Ethical Gift Wrapping
The Sewing Retreat_Ethical Gift Wrapping

The Conventional Method:

This is the easiest method to do and only requires some recycled brown paper, that can be found in so many stores these days or your local post office, and some twine/ribbon. The paper can then be either reused or recycled and the twine/ribbon can be reused too.

For an extra touch,  you can print, stamp, paint or sew (with an old needle, don't damage your new ones) onto the paper before wrapping the gift. Tying some pine cones, leaves or dried flowers onto the present, this can add the perfect natural touch and you can even use a leaf or some bark as a gift tag by writing on it.

What if you need to send your gift in the post? Then we have the perfect ethical packaging guide showing you what we use to make your deliveries as ethical as possible every day as well as where to buy recycled brown paper, ethical tape and more.

Hopefully, we've just made your present finding, wrapping and sending a whole lot easier. 

Thank you for reading this,

Sarah x




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